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Green Building
  • Building Green - Dawol Homes is a Certified Green Builder. Build provides various information about healthier building, energy saving, and more benefits of Green Building.
  • List of Green Builders - David Wolons of Dawol Homes is a Certified Green Builder. For a list of Green Builders in your area, you can search here.
Fortified Construction
  • Fortified Home Page - Dawol Homes is certified to construct Fortified Homes. This site has additional information about the Fortified process.
New Products
  • Radiant Barrier Sheathing - A green product - Radiant Barrier Sheathing replaces normal sheathing with a reflective undercoating which blocks out a portion of the heat from the sun. Among the benefits are energy efficiency and a cooler attic area.
  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) - A product that can be "Green" and "Fortified". ICF provides an exterior structure for building which is stronger and has better insulation than typical construction. Visit the ICF Association link for more info.
  • Combined Heat and Power Units - Combined Heat and Power generation (CHP) systems are now being produced on a scale that is safe, practical, and affordable to homeowners. CHP technologies, sometimes referred to as cogeneration, have provided heat and electrical energy efficiently at commercial and industrial sites for many years.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps - Geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) are a relatively new technology that can save homeowners money. These ground-source heat pumps use the natural heat storage capacity of the earth or ground water to provide energy efficient heating and cooling.
  • Solar Water Heaters - Harnessing energy from the sun to heat water is nothing new. Solar water heaters have been commercially available since the 1800s. What's new is how solar water heaters look these days. Most modern solar water heaters mount flush with a home's roof and resemble skylights. Solar water heaters are an environmentally sound way to reduce energy bills.
Other Friends
  • Carolina Bays Real Estate - Carolina Bays Real Estate is a real estate company specializing in residential real estate. If you need land for your new home, this is a great place to start.
  • Myrtle Beach Real Estate Report - Information on the Myrtle Beach real estate market including area info, building information, real estate information, trends and more.

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